About me

Hi, I am Kenyji

My Story

In the heart of captured dreams, I am but a humble weaver of tales, a seeker of moments that whisper eternity. Welcome to my realm, where each click of the shutter is a dance between time and emotion, freezing fragments of love's symphony.

In the heart of Paris, I aim at serving couples with an exclusive photography experience

My lens becomes an extension of my heart, as I seek to capture the essence of your love story. With camera in hand, I embark on a journey to crystallize your love, your laughter, and your whispers of forever. Each image is a brushstroke of passion, a melody of shared promises, a testament to the unspoken bond you both share. Behind every click is an artist who understands the power of a stolen kiss, the magic of intertwined hands, and the significance of a heartfelt gaze.


Paris offers the most iconic locations for your pre-wedding photo shooting


We create dream like images for your couple and engagement photoshoot


No other place really compares to Paris for your elopement wedding

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Let us embark on this journey together

Let us capture the unspoken poetry of your love, the pages of your story that deserve to be forever remembered. With every photograph, I am not just a witness; I am a custodian of your emotions, your dreams, and your extraordinary love.